CASIO's new channel of traditional retail change

ZD top network and application of CIO in channel 01 on Sept. 03 interviews (text / Wang Congbin): 80s, a cartoon generation affects people's nerves, Adou Ki this smart, brave, justice, the image of a small robot by the people. As the impact of a generation of classic, "Astro Boy" to China is also very interesting, and not directly by the introduction, 1980 CASIO CCTV to free the "Astro Boy", with the proviso is bundled with CASIO play advertising products. Astro Boy in space to show the CASIO watches and calculators and other products, which is CCTV broadcast the first foreign advertising. "CASIO is a very creative brand," Luo Ke (Hangzhou) board of trade limited company general manager Ying Lianping said, as CASIO Chinese more than and 50 agents in one of the largest in 23 years of operation, our main operation is the product of CASIO. The retail entity from prosperity to the downside, and rebirth, should be even as one of the members have a personal experience, Hangzhou is located in the replica watches highly developed e-commerce City, a full sense of science and technology of the CASIO smart stores opened, marking the CASIO full retail channels in China for the first time. CASIO's new channel of traditional retail change Ying Lianping (Hangzhou) Trading Co., Ltd. managing director Changes in the consumer market for retail hit an inflection point The retail industry is a traditional labor-intensive industry, the advent of e-commerce so that physical retail is facing an unprecedented crisis. According to the result should be keenly aware of, 2014 is a turning point of the yield curve, the turnover before this has been rising, dot also reached the peak of more than and 150, after the market changes, consumer behavior has changed. By constantly opening outlets to enhance the turnover of the era has gone forever, physical retail ushered in unprecedented pressure and confusion. Should Lianping also had a loss, he was even arrange employee severance policy considering retirement, but a chance to contact the Internet opportunity he has power, after a day to think of all is how to make the Internet and their business combination. Now should Lianping every week and Internet Co busy meeting, he joked at a meeting now I always is the oldest. In fact, CASIO agency business has long been settled in Tmall, but relatively backward in the operation, the second half of 2015 is also a formal force electricity supplier, with 12 months from the swiss replica watches previous turnover of 2 million 980 thousand to achieve the value of 20 thousand. This speed makes the team very excited, but the real retail will really disappear? For decades with physical retail experience, he believes that the entity and the Internet is inseparable, the Internet is a channel, a means to do is how to open up the entire marketing process. And the nature of business is to give consumers better service, better products. There is a saying in the industry is the future of the retail industry has 1/3 stores closed shop, there are 1/3 new stores. This and a lot of people in the retail industry is closely related to the new retail talk, Ma this year in the "five new Ping" also put forward their own understanding, including four aspects: first, the line of unity and specialization; second, large retail or will face restructuring; third, experiential consumption, personalized consumer services into life; fourth, enterprises to produce more intelligence, science and technology. Retail is the need to change the concept of the concept of commodity - centric to customer - centric. Erok trade covering more than and 20 city under the traditional line, hundreds of outlets formed a line under the net, online business now has a network, through a combination of online and offline retail channels to achieve full two nets, a better understanding of customer, insight into customer needs, more precise marketing. Full channel retail model works Change the whole retail channels and based on new technology, should have let Lianping be wisdom stores the idea in August this year, hit it off at the same CASIO brands and intime CEO exchange, soon to the idea of 3 months into reality, ahead of this year "double eleven" before November 6th. CASIO officially opened new stores in Hangzhou yintai. It is also the world's first full channel smart Tmall store, which replica watches opened up the online and offline supply chain, creating a new shopping experience for consumers. The store should be even but mustering the enthusiasm, he will personally participate in all relevant new things to choose from the pavement, all at the same time I choose the shopping guide, as a consumer will experience the first CASIO smart store service. In the first store glass designed interactive large screen projection on the glass to allow customers to interact more directly, through the somatosensory make corresponding gestures, camera will take pictures, by scanning the two-dimensional code, the user can get the photos, and share to WeChat spread, obtain a variety of preferential. In the middle of the multi screen interaction, WeChat powder, brand communication and other experiences. CASIO's new channel of traditional retail change Interactive screen CASIO's new channel of traditional retail change WeChat share The shop also has a custom touch screen, scroll above display CASIO watches, interactive screen can display perceived body position, I guide the interaction, click on the watch can display the price of commodity information, two-dimensional code can be scanned into the Tmall page open online and offline. CASIO's new channel of traditional retail change Electronic touch screen Different consumer access, large screen display of goods are also